About Pandu Jaya

Pandu Jaya Sdn Bhd was started 30 Years Ago

School bus transport service has been the core business of Pandu Jaya Sdn Bhd.  Pandu Jaya started as a small scale family business more than 30 years ago.  Through hard work, sacrifice and persistence, the company has now developed into a leading school bus organization in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.  It has also achieved a remarkable reputation for quality and reliable services as well as in safety.


A New Evolution to the School Bus Industry

Mr. Yap Kon Fook is the owner and founder of Pandu Jaya Sdn Bhd.  He first started providing school bus services to local Malaysian schools in 1973.  At that time, the only school buses that were available were in the form of 11 seater vans.  Mr. Yap envisaged that there is a demand for school bus transportation and decided to enhance and embarked into the busing service industry utilizing a 25 seater bus. In 1977, Pandu Jaya was engaged to be the sub-contractor to provide bus services for the Japanese School Kuala Lumpur.

Pandu Jaya continued to progress and established itself as one of the core school bus contractor. Pandu Jaya obtained and successfully signed another contract with the Korean School in Kuala Lumpur in 1980.

In 1981, Mr. Yap has significantly enhanced the busing service industry by introducing the first 31 seater school buses. He continued to pioneer further to introduce bigger 44 seater air-conditioned school buses in Kuala Lumpur.  Over the years until 2000, Pandu Jaya continuously remain as the main contractor for several international schools around Kuala Lumpur, namely the Arab School, the Korean School as well as the International School of Kuala Lumpur. 

Expansion of Transportation Services with Subsidiary Company of Exciting Outing Travel and Tours

In 2001, Mr. Yap decided to venture into the travel industry and formed a subsidiary company Exciting Outing Travel and Tours. Great emphasis was placed on providing transportation and travel services for local and international tourists, as well as school field trips and excursions. 


Mr. Yap’s Passion on School Bus Transportation

Mr. Yap’s passion of providing school bus transportation had always been his ambition. This opportunity took a great step forward when Yeap Technology in Singapore approached him to consider partnership to be the main busing sub-contractor for the International School of Kuala Lumpur (“ISKL”) in 2005. The knowledge and awareness of the heavy commitments that Pandu Jaya has to withstand the significant responsibilities, and the school’s requirements of implementing brand new fleet of buses progressively, Mr. Yap bravely took the challenges to proceed forward to honor his commitments and expanded his transportation business. 


A Fleet of Brand New Buses in August 2010

It took five years of consistent hard work, sacrifices and courage, Mr. Yap’s vision and goals has achieved significant accomplishment.  In August 2010, 95% of all ISKL school buses are less than 5 years old.  Pandu Jaya has a fleet of 38 new school buses which has been ranked as one of the largest school bus companies in Kuala Lumpur.


Re-Engineering Ahead into Future Expansion Direction of Attaining an International Brand by 2015

The combination of both diligent leadership and together with a team of experienced, dedicated and resourceful management staff, the next vision Pandu Jaya will be targeting is to establish an International Brand in overseas market with other international school worldwide.