We are commited to our pledge C.A.R.E.S. to provide the highest Comfort, Affordable, Reliability, Efficiency and Safety.

Our friendly and courteous staffs will collaborate with our customer needs. We resolve issues timely and satisfactorily.

We aim to strive for excellence in safety and services by providing safety belt. We are reliable and particular about punctuality, and with our back-up transport arrangement for traffic jams and emergencies.

Our team is formed by professional drivers with in-depth maturity, we are strict about the alcohol and drugs policy.

To confirm our customers are having a safe and comfortable trip, our buses are well mantained with enhance technologies.


Pandu Jaya school buses are installed with the GPS Assisted Vehicle Monitoring and Security Enforcement System enables to effectively identify real-time tracking and capturing of bus current position.  The geo-boundary setting for route, site violation control, virtual checks points and estimation of time of arrival to students’ residence.  The GPS system has the following advantages:-

Assist parents to find out whether their child is on the bus at any given time.  It provides up-to-date information to parents via Short Messaging System (SMS) to their mobile phones to be informed if the buses are delayed due to heavy traffic jams or bad weather.

Provides bus reports relating to speeding, bus routes to assist the school administration to handle complaints from parents.  The school administration will be provided access to pinpoint the bus location and status of delays.  The real time information is very useful and important especially in case of emergency and recovery situations.

The system will assist the bus company to facilitate planning, monitoring and optimizing the bus transportation system to improve and enhance quality management services to all students.



Pandu Jaya will provide CCTV on all its buses to provide close monitoring of students behavior and safety while on board the buses.  The surveillance cameras enable the bus driver the “eye in the back of the head,” and allow them to keep children in check while navigating the route to or from school.  With constant video monitoring, JSKL administration will have access to detailed evidence of any suspicious or misbehavior activity.

CCTV acts as a crime deterrent.  When students are aware of the fact that the buses are monitored by CCTV, vandalism and other acts of violence may be greatly reduced.  CCTV instils a sense of security for both JSKL parents and students.  It is a comfort for parents to know that their students are being monitored while traveling on the buses daily.



Pandu Jaya utilizes its computerized Student Data Management System to generate busing invoices, collection of fee payments and the issuance of receipts to JSKL parents/guardians directly.

The integrated System enables the scheduling of students’ bus routes with the family personal data information. The system is also able to generate reports such as students busing list and record students’ attendance on the buses accordingly.