Our Team

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Pandu Jaya’s main objectives are to provide comfortable, reliable and safe transportation services, catering to the needs of young school children.

Through constructive collaboration and effective communication with all relevant parties of the school administration, parents, students and staff, Pandu Jaya could effectively enhanced and meet the needs of the specialized industry of transporting young school children.

Therefore, it has always been Pandu Jaya’s top priority to build and maintain a close and effective communication platform linkage with the school community and the busing company.

Pandu Jaya strives to focus in providing world class standards in school bus transportation through firm commitments to the five cornerstones of our success represented by the following acronym:







Safety of students has been the top priority of Pandu Jaya.  Bus monitors will be designated to each individual bus in order to provide supervision and dedicated care to students while riding on the buses to and from the residence.

Young children will be taken care of and assisted when boarding and alight from buses. Pandu Jaya strongly recommends that there is an adult or a designated person must be present when primary school students are dropped-off at the location for safety and security reasons. Pandu Jaya ensures that students are comfortable and safe while riding the buses, and emphasized that students are delivered to the drop-off points in the safe hands of an adult.

Pandu Jaya’s is under the leadership of its Chairman, Mr. Yap Kon Fook.  The management team who are supporting and reporting closely is Yap Kit Soong (Managing Director), Mona Looi (Senior Operations Manager) and Kerlyn Tan (General & Human Resources Manager).  Assisting and supporting team is Ms. Chong (Finance Manager) Grace Cheong (Operations Manager), and Kenny Yap (Operations Support Assistant Manager), together with another three Operations Executives.

Pandu Jaya is currently exploring and seeking to hire more experience business administration graduates to undergo training and development for its recruitment exercise at the end of the year.

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Yap Kit Soong (Managing Director)

Yap Kit Soong has been appointed as managing director since 2010 to overseeing the whole operations of the company. Before his appointment as Managing Director, he held the position as Operations Director who responsible managing the transportation services for international school contracts. He also has experience in travel and tour agencies who play the role for Marketing research, Marketing plan and promotions and negotiating contracts with hotels.

Job Scope:

  • Negotiating contracts with various international schools in providing transportation services to their students as well as for their curriculum activities and International events.

  • Set up  company’s objective and goals. Leading and Guiding the team to meet the company’s objective.

  • Exploring his business to overseas market.

  • Managing and Overseeing  the company’s financial and company,s budgeting.

  • Involves in purchasing of  new vehicles or bus to maintain high quality of school bus service.

  • Negotiating contracts with the oversea travel agencies and hotels to search new quality hotel stay and valuable tour package to offer to Malaysia tourism industry.

  • Continuously explore new markets for expansion of future business opportunities.

Mona Looi (Senior Operations Manager)

Mona is a Diploma graduate in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and has been working in the school busing operations for four years.  She joined Yeap Technology Pte Ltd, which is an affiliated company of Yeap Transport Pte Lte  in Singapore as an Operations Manager based at the Singapore American School in July 2007.  Mona has contributed significantly in the setting up of the busing operations at the Shanghai American School in August 2007.  In spite of the tremendous challenges relating to operational issues, both the busing offices at Pudong and Puxi campuses at the Shanghai American School were fully established and operating successfully within three months.  Mona remained station at Puxi campus until October 2008 when she was transferred back to Malaysia to take over the busing operations at the International School of Kuala Lumpur (“ISKL”).  Currently, she is still managing the school busing operations at ISKL.

Job Scope:

  • Undertake full responsibilities for the bus operations both at ISKL Ampang and Melawati campuses.

  • Ensure that the daily bus operations are carried out effectively and with efficiency.

Assume the role of managing the financial bus operating budget and ensure that bus billing and payments records are accurate and concise.

Kerlyn Tan (General and Human Resources Manager)

Kerlyn first started working in 2001 for Exciting Outing Travel & Tours, a subsidiary company of Pandu Jaya, which mainly focus on inbound and outbound tours.  Kerlyn started as a tour executive and within 6 years she has been promoted to the position of General and Human Resources Manager.  She is overall responsible for managing both companies.  She is overall responsible in the planning of all airport and field trips busing arrangements at ISKL for the last 5 years.

Job Scope:

  • Assume the responsibility role of office administration and constantly monitor and ensure that all field and airport trips buses are handled efficiently

Oversea the recruitment of staff hiring as the company expand in the busing transportation services.

Chong Lai Wan (Finance Manager)

Chong Lai Wan was employed by both Pandu Jaya and Exciting Outing Travel & Tours as the Finance Manager in 2001.  She assumes the responsibility of managing the accounting and financial aspects of the company.

Job Scope:

  • Handle all accounting related matters dealing with bus transportation services

  • Ensures that all airport and field trips accounts are kept up-to-date effectively

  • Administer the payroll to ensure that all staff are paid on time, and adhere to statutory compliance with EPF, income tax and Socso remittance if necessary.

Grace Cheong (Operations Manager)

Grace possesses a Pitman’s Private Secretarial Certificate (PSC) and has worked as an executive secretary for a couple of firms in Singapore from 1990 until 2010. Grace joined Pandu Jaya as an Operations Executive in August 2010 and has dealt with parents’ queries relating to busing issues professionally and efficiently. She monitors and organizes bus timing and assist with the daily operational management system. She conducts weekly meetings with bus drivers and monitors to update on operational issues and provides training for enhancement and improvement of bus services.

Kenny Yap (Operations Support Assistant Manager)

Kenny graduated with a Diploma in Modern Automotive Technology from The Otomotif College.  He also possesses a Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering, City & Guild (UK).  Kenny has worked as a service technician in the automotive industries specializing in service maintenance, top overhauling, diagnosis checking, suspension and ignition system for Ssangyong, Honda, Kia, Proton and Hyundai car servicing centers in Kuala Lumpur.

Currently he is attending full time Japanese classes in The Teikyo Institute in Kuala Lumpur.  Since Kenny is able to understand and communicate in Japanese, he will be based in the Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur to provide operations support and customer service to the Japanese community.  Kenny’s expertise with automotives will assist in the inspection of school buses to check for any defects and ensure that all buses are well maintained and safe.